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The Next Stage in Media Digestion

10 June 2018 · Karl Finch · Permalink

A visual aid.
A visual aid.

A wave of lateral thinking and anti-audience design brings you a meeting of the one-world Zeitgeist, cognitive behavioural therapy and certified cosmic awareness. This is the grindstone for the cutting edge. This is Culture 2.0.

A non-committal collective held together by little more than mark-up code and military-grade snark… a spawning pool for unpublished and unpublishable work, to places few know and none care about… a vector for yet another small, locally sourced press.

You take your tumblogs, tweets and reposts a thousand at a time in a sighing chaos—not that it should be any other way. What would a lens on this very contemporary psychosis look like?

Do you really think left or right matters? The field can be top, bottom or any orientation you can conceive of—as long as it has no fence. Original content is the last sacred thing in this world. For argument’s sake, there's no agenda, ethic or purpose—but that’s for argument’s sake, and is patently false.