Wanted: Good Character

1 Jan 2020 · Karl Finch · Permalink

Take a seat.
Take a seat.

Several openings for an exciting opportunity are now available to anyone looking to enter the fiction industry.

Are you driven by an undefinable, incontrovertible drive to be taken advantage of by some other entity? Do you seek enticing, novel pathways through serfdom and consigned meaning? Are you available yesterday? If so, this could be your springboard to a fulfilling new career path.

The ideal candidate is human, in depth and contradiction if not in species. They possess the ability to readily display nuances and shortcomings, and make complex decisions. As such, the role may require moral ambiguity or flexibility.

The character we are looking for will also show the potential to be loved and/or hated tangentially in proportion to their role in, and relevance to, the narrative at large, over the course of which they will experience indeterminate triumph and tragedy.

Shaping the sequence of events, they will in turn be shaped and portray to the audience an interplay of flower-like intricacy, before coming to see their inner conflict entwined with that of the wider world in which they find themselves.

Additionally, subject to plot requirements, they will be dramatically dispossessed of such self-realization and left horrifically resigned to their world, one that may become a truly alien place to them.

You will be assisted by an author who will support you throughout the process and experience much of its trials, though with a great deal less gloss. You will report directly to the forces of influence in the narrative. The primary stakeholder will be the audience, though expectations may be subverted dependent on the requirements of the art at large.

If this describes you, get in touch at the earliest convenience and be prepared to deliver your very self into an unforgiving shroud of hazy destiny.