We’ve Updated Our Privacy Policy

17 June 2018 · Karl Finch · Permalink

The words begin to leave their mark.
The words begin to leave their mark.

Listen, we’re sure you’re busy right now, and we know this is all you’ve been hearing lately, but some changes have happened and it’s important you understand what it means for you—what it means for us. Some things won’t be the same any more. No, it’s not a good time and it never will be. Can you just hear us out?

We’ve been at this a long time—yes, both of us—so can we just be honest with each other? We don’t have any personally identifiable information on you. We never did. You didn’t want to know us; we didn’t want to know you. Anything we had on you, you gave it to us willingly. It’s not anyone’s fault. We made our own choices, and this is where we are now.

This was inevitable. We’re just surprised it didn’t happen sooner. So, what’s it going to be? How do you want to do this? We mean, sure, it could go on pretty much how it has this whole time, but it’ll be different. We know on some level that something’s changed. Do you want to keep knowing each other, or is this when we decide to go our separate ways?