Your Data, Visualised

17 Sep 2018 · Karl Finch · Permalink

Well, it probably looks a lot like everyone else’s. Your digital hoard may be of more value and meaning than anything you could hope to offer your children, but this on its own can safely be blamed on minimum one elder generation.

Still, like fingerprints and (well) snowflakes, we imagine this wealth in binary to be unique, even indicative of individuality; like fingerprints and (yes) snowflakes, it’s only an inflection of a single pattern.

That you’ve read this far is precisely why the good thieves have gone digital: distraction. Other criminal elements in society fly well above the radar, though. Your government knows whatever it needs to know about you already. Your saving grace here is that unless you’re either a worthwhile threat to national security, guilty of tax evasion or just extremely interesting, why should they care?

Instead, let’s be concerned again about monolithic corporate dynasties, because unlike the governments they own, they function with efficiency. Something somewhere deserves our fear, but the international terrorism that used to be so exotic and thrilling is now just droll. Show some variation! Give the people the enemy within!

It’s all in now. Data is both the game and the prize. Be a part of it and harvest every scrap of personal information people will give you—and they will, even the most paranoid of them—and sell it to the highest bidder.

Failing that, just go find a decent article on data protection. Like human rights, it's universal, unalienable and ignored as and when suits.